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oil - acrylic - watercolor


Angela Gunter is a Fine Artist who has worked previously for films and television overseas. These days she enjoys capturing marine and terrestrial life, working primarily in oil, though sometimes in acrylic or watercolor if the subject demands it. Her father was a career Naval officer, so growing up next to the sea was a matter of fact. Having lived in several countries and many states in the US, her changing surroundings and culture became a natural focus for her: the architecture, foods, flora and fauna and the people who interact with them.

Angela lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband and daughter since 2008, and has a 315sf Art Studio in the heart of Downtown, in an old brick building called “The 205 Collaborative”

Site Address: 205Collaborative – 205 Lyndon St., Studio 30
Phone: 336-350-3741
Email: studiogha@gmail.com
Website: gunterhaus art studio


oil – acrylic – watercolor

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